Setting a Standard for the

Doctor-Patient Relationship

Our team of skilled physicians work hand in hand to offer the best care possible. Our outstanding care shows in everything that we do.

Our Locations

Madison Heights
Madison Heights
Oak Park Urgent Care
Oak Park Urgent Care
Plymouth Urgent Care
Plymouth Urgent Care
Roseville Urgent Care
Roseville Urgent Care
Southfield Urgent Care
Southfield Urgent Care
Hoover Urgent Care (Warren)
Hoover Urgent Care (Warren)

What Services Do We Offer?

From physicals to specialty treatment, Get Well Urgent care does it all!

Why You’ll Love Get Well Urgent Care Clinics


Get Well Urgent Care prides itself on providing the very best possible care for its patients. Our friendly team sets the standard for a comfortable urgent care visit.


We want you to have quality care when you visit our clinics. Get Well Urgent Care clinics are staffed by board certified/licensed physicians who have experience and training in an urgent care environment.


Our patients are often in and out the door within an hour, unlike the E.R., where patients with non-life-threatening conditions wait an average of 4 hours.


Most insurance plans accepted at Get Well Urgent Care clinics. While we accept most insurance plans, insurance is not required to visit. We are committed to serving all patients with quality care.

What makes Get Well Urgent Care Different?


Digital X-rays

Digital X-ray technology allows us to perform X-rays more efficiently, while using less radiation. With advanced X-ray services, Get Well Urgent Care can diagnose broken bones, pneumonia, or any other condition that might require an X-ray.


Electronic Medical Records

Thanks to the technology of electronic medical records, our physicians can instantly access patient medical records, diagnostic reports, and even prescription medications! We only want to provide the best possible service for our patients.


Full In-House Lab

When you need a lab test, why not go somewhere that provides fast results? Get Well Urgent Care has a full in-house lab so you can get your result right away. This saves time and money from having to go somewhere else for lab work.

About Us

Get Well Urgent Care sets the standard for quality urgent care in Michigan. We pride ourselves on keeping a warm and welcoming environment for our patients.


Read through common frequently asked questions at Get Well Urgent Care clinics. If there is a question you don’t see, we’d love to hear it and promptly answer it!


We accept most insurance plans. To determine your coverage, we’ll need your insurance card. While we accept most plans, insurance is not required to visit.

What Patients Have to Say

  • Very good place. I have been few times and have very good experience. I have seen this doctor from last year who is very friendly and made me comfortable every time I am there. I have also taken my kids there and were quickly taken care of. staff is very respectful too. I would highly recommend using them.

    Creator12 Southfield, MI
  • They took us in right away, the staff was extremely courteous and so was the Doctor. They were extremely thorough and we were in and out with e-scribed scripts at the pharmacy up the street. And were home with extensive treatment and prescriptions in an expedited manner! I highly recommend them and actually we changed them to our primary care facility also. Everyone was professional and they have a full line of equipment without the wait of an emergency room.

    CarolMD Southfield, MI
  • They have only been at this location for a little over two years and the facility was SPOTLESS as any healthcare facility SHOULD BE. I walked in because of a persistent cough that would not go away for several days already and causing me to lose some sleep at night. I arrived there with several people ahead of me, half of whom have children under 5. I was promptly greeted at the door and my information was taken. When my name was called, it took me less than 20 minutes to be seen by the doctor and get my prescription written.

    Ruffy Warren, MI
  • Came in on a Saturday morning with my daughter fearing she had an ear infection. She did, unfortunately, but the staff and the doctor are friendly and professional, the facilities are very clean, and the wait was short. We'll definitely be back the next time we're in need of urgent care.

    Janet Warren, MI
  • The staff is extremely friendly, and will do everything in their power to help. This office is all around great, efficient, and know what they are doing. The pharmacy next door is just as great, I now will not fill any medication at any other pharmacy because I like their staff and people that much.

    Emily V Plymouth, MI
  • The office staff is kind and helpful. The service was excellent and quick. I also like that there is a pharmacy next door conveniently located too!!

    Theresa S Plymouth, MI
  • Love this office! Even though it's an Urgent Care Center, I use it as my kids' Doctor's office since they take their insurance. Staff is wonderful & the Doc's are very professional and caring. I would highly recommend.

    Manal J Roseville, MI
  • Awesome staff. Very friendly and helpful. Dr.Hammoud was very nice and referred me to a pharmacy that charged 1/2 what Meijer did the last time I needed the prescription. From the minute I walked in the clinic, to the minute I walked out was 27 minutes. Very quick and efficient. I would recommend this place to anyone and will go back if I ever have the need.

    KLR18090 Roseville, MI